2014 part 6 – From now on it is JMRI and S88-N

December 2014:

I still haven’t converted my old locomotive. I also haven’t manged to get my third switch to funtion 100%. And I am less happy with RocRail than previously. It is not 110% stabile. I cannot make my train go through a block without loosing speed. So I ought to be in a bad mood. But I don’t really care. It is a hobby and not a project. There is no deadline.

It is probably done in a jiffy, if I just start to convert the locomotive.

I am confident that I am going to get the switch working properly. I have found a different firmware for the decoder, which allows to adjust the two stop positions individually.  And if that is not enough, then I have already bought thinner piano wire, so that I can make built-in spring-effect, so that the servo can move all the way to the end position without breaking anything.

Note from later: The new firmware (version 3.5) have done the trick.

RocRail is worse. I have almost reached the conclusion that I will drop it and go back to JMRI or maybe I will end up buying a commercial program. See the separate page “JRMI or RocRail“.

I need another feeadback module. To do it simple, cheap and DIY, I have found S88N. I have bought a few printed circuit boards and a mini drill in order to drill holes in them. See separate page about that. I don’t need more feedback modules for the test oval, but I will when I am beginning to build a real layout.

I already have plans to expand the test oval. I just need to extend the base board half a meter, which might give me an opportunity to try to simulate a modular layout. More to follow.

Processed with Snapseed.
Plan for extension of prototype oval (made in Scarm).