Start soldering or just buy?

As described on the blog pages, I have decided to buy some of the electronics for my model railway and to build other parts of it myself.

The things I have bought are: The command station(s), decoders for locomotives as well as the first feedback module.

The things I am building myself are: Current sensors, next-version feedback modules, servo and thereby turnout decoders, decoders for signals, timing circuits for controlling lights etc. in houses, cars etc.

In addition, I am soldering light emitting diodes (LEDs) here there and everywhere, converting locomotives from analog to digital, building physical signals, adding interior lighting to trains and so on.

If you do not feel like soldering yourself, it is possible to buy your way out of almost all of it. Many dealers can do conversions etc., even though it does not always pay. It might be cheaper to buy a new digital locomotive than buying a second-hand analog one and getting it converted.

In addition most dealers have factory made versions of all the decoders and modules that I am building myself.

See for example these dealers:

Fyns Modeltog

NiceLED (som ikke er en rigtig modeltogsbutik)

Gentofte Togcenter



If you want to build electronics, but only by assembling kits including full instructions and all components, you could take a look here:

Sven Brandt

If yoy want todo as I do and solder from the beginning and do a little trial and error, then please feel free to get inspired at my site. And I still recommend that you have a look at the two links above as well as the two below:

Paco’s Official Website

Banetjenesten Aps

Regarding the command station, there is an in-between option utilizing standard hardware and open source software. See the DCC++ project.