The Lisby Railway – a computer controlled model railway

Welcome to the story about how my old Märklin train set is being re-invented.

Please use the menu to find your way at this web site.

The site is built using WordPress, which due to my very limited knowledge with WordPress is setting certain limits.

It means that the site first and foremost is a blog (or a diary). In between I have added a few pages, that describe my thought about a certain topic. These pages do not always fit well into the chronology of the blog itself.

The story begins during Christmas 2013, and is probably not going to end as long as I am able to play with my model train. I started to take notes for the blog from the very beginning, but I initiated the blog itself in October 2016 and it’s translation to English Februar / March 2017.

Any questions, comments, additions etc. are welcome viae-mail

Happy reading.